Visa for Tourism in Nepal

An alien intending to travel to Nepal must hold a valid passport or other passport-equivalent travel document issued by the Govt. to visit a foreign country before obtaining a visa.
No foreigner has the right to enter and stay in the Kingdom of Nepal without a valid visa. A tourist entry visa may be obtained for the following durations from the Nepalese Embassy, Consulate, Mission Offices or other immigration offices located at the points of entry into Nepal.


visa fees to obtain a tourist visa from Nepalese diplomatic agencies and entry points:
1. US $ 25 or foreign currency equivalent for multiple entry tourist visa with 15 days.
2. US $ 40 or equivalent in foreign currency for multi-entry tourist visa with 30 days.
3. US $ 100 or foreign currency equivalent for multiple entry tourist visa with 100 days
4. Regardless of the provision under 1 (a) and 1 (b), tourists with a South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) nations passport are not required to pay visa fees for 30 days.

Fees required to extend the visa period or renew a visa
1. US $ 2 or equivalent in Nepalese currency per day for extension.
2. Additional US $ 20 or the Nepali currency equivalent on visa fees per 2 (b), if the multiple entry facility is required for the extension period.
3. If foreign visitors who have not renewed their visa wish to renew it, they must pay a supplement of the equivalent in Nepalese currency at US $ 3 on the regular visa extension fee.
4. Foreign visitors who have exceeded the 150-day visa period without extension are required to pay the visa fee provided for in 2 (c) and risk the punishment provided for in Article 10 sub-clause 4 of the Immigration Act 2049.
5. Regardless of the benefit specified in point 2 (a), the 15-day period is counted as the minimum extension period and visa fees are charged accordingly. For the extension period of more than 15 days, the visa fee is charged according to the provision of 2 (a).

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