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Lhasa to Kathmandu to the bike tour for
Trip Grade: Moderate
Duration: 22 Days
Country: Tibet
Lhasa to Kathmandu to the bike tour for

Arrival in Kathmandu and spend a few days in Tibet organizing tourist visa and around the Kathmandu Valley. The valley is the site of four ancient capitals of their attendant palaces, temples and places, interspersed with Buddhist and Hindu temples can keep you busy for days.
The flight to Lhasa can be a breath of the only civil aviation flight across the Himalayas with views on a range of 8000m peaks including Mount Everest, Cho Oyo, Makalu and Kanchanjunga.

Tibet is a land rich and beautiful with an average altitude of over 4,000 m. In Tibet there are over fifty peaks above 7000m, and several over 8000m. The Tibet Autonomous Region has a population of 2,000,000, mostly Tibetans, and occupies 1.2 million square kilometers. Tibetans have a wonderful culture developed over centuries of isolation. There are great temples and monasteries where monks dressed, still wear their traditional yellow hats.
Biking in Tibet is not as technical route is along roads beaten, but the altitude is always a factor as we go through six passes over 5000m. The road is also a short time and often cold, so the trip is not for the timid. During the journey, you will cross several passes 5000 meters, visit the Base Camp highest in the world and you have a great Northwest view of Mt. Everest. Then you enjoy the world's longest downhill. You will also pass through a mixture of breathtaking scenery and alpine plateaus to cross the Trans-Himalayan ranges and lush jungle. The road is, however, finish with a long descent to reach the end of Nepal.

Biking tour  in Tibet, it is difficult and we need a lot of calories, good food and lots of alcohol. We had always cook Nepalese Sherpa guide and bike. also in Tibet we can not buy food on the Western market. if all the food we provide to Kathmandu by truck. Drinking water is very important place in Tibet and the many that you can not get good drinking water and many customers sometimes get sick. We therefore guarantee drinking water filter and cooking (KATADYN water filter) during the trip.


Day 01: receive from the international airport and transfer to hotel. Our representative office will give little information about the bike tour.
Day 02: Full day visit in Kathmandu valley includes the Hindu temple of Pashupatinath complex (a World Heritage Site) and the largest Buddhist stupa to Visit

Day 03: Fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa. The flight takes about an hour: if the weather is good, then the view of some of the highest mountains in the world is beautiful. From the airport, we have an hour drive from Lhasa and our hotel. In the afternoon we familiarize ourselves with our bikes
Day 04: In Lhasa:-Visit Drepung Monastery:

Day 05: Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:30, we visit the Potala Palace. We then free time, overnight at hotel.

Day 06: Breakfast from 7:30 to 9:00, we visit the Jokhang Temple continuing to the Sera Monastery in cycling. 22.8 km, 105m of climbing. Overnight at hotel in Lhasa.

Day 07: Today our journey really begins. We use a jeep for the first trip, then 9 km of cycling on the neck of the Khamba at 4769m. Overnight in tents near the Lake Tso Yamdruk.

Day 08: (73.3 km, 751m to 4465m in altitude, 41/2 hours riding time)., Nagarche to make the bike (30 miles) from a small town where you can eat and drink. The road is at first, but then the dirt road begins. We cross the Karo La Pass (5100m, after 59 km) and then descend steeply for 14 km from our campsite in a fine meadow beside the road.

Day 09: (60 km, 520hm, 3900m). begin the descent, then along a flat section beside a river, passing beautiful Tibetan villages to reach an artificial lake built to provide hydroelectric power. Now we climb to the Col de La Sim (at 4330m, 27.7 km). We descend the pass carefully as a fall here would be very high in the rocks. After a short climb to another pass, we descend into the hairpin turns of a small village and a stop for lunch at 43 km. Hence, there is a road to Gyantse.

Day 10: (93 km, 104hm, 3970m, 4 hours). The road from Gyantse to Shigatse, Tibet's second city, is paved and flat, so it is not an easy day. We drive through agricultural landscapes, with many Tibetans working in the fields beside the road. We stop for lunch just beyond a small town, 48 km, where there are more pleasant meadow road, a beautiful place to relax after the morning commute. In the afternoon we continue to Shigatse, where we spend the night in a hotel.

Day 11: Guided tours for Tashilagpo the monastery in the morning and afternoon free.

Day 12: (105 kilometers, 810hm, 4340m). We follow the paved road slightly uphill out of town, but across the country mostly flat until we cross a small pass (4010m at 31km), where a new landscape can be seen: by field is desert-like, rather than arable. After lunch we continue across the country flatter to join our camp at the foot of Tso-La Pass.

Day 13: (59 km, 553hm, 4215 m). The Tso-La Pass at 4505m, is reached after a long (10 km) ascent. In addition there is an amazing 8 km downhill before reaching a flat section Lhazi. We can stop for lunch before heading into town or drive up the reach. Lhazi has shops and great places to eat. Of the city, it is only a short distance from where we camped in a beautiful location beside a river. We can swim here, even if the water is very cold as the river flows down from high peaks.

Day 14: (72 km, 1324hm, 4350m, 53/4 hours) This is a hard day today, with a wicked rise of at least 3 hours, rising more than 1000m of Gya Tso-La Pass (to 5220m, after 22 km), one of the highest passes on the road. Because of the height, it is usually very cold at the pass if we do not linger, go fast downhill to a small tea house where we have lunch. In the afternoon, we follow the path of Shegar. Often, this section of road is very dusty, but the views are good and there is a good hotel for the night with hot showers to take the dust and fatigue of a long, hard day

Day 15: (74.5 km 1212hm, 4295m, 5 hours). Start with a ride down, then along a paved road at a police checkpoint where we need to show all our documents. Here, the main road continues to Tingri, but we turn to the Everest Base Camp North, climbing to the pass of Pang La (5200m 34km) from where, if the weather is clear, the view of Everest, Makalu and Cho Oyo is magnificent. Then we turn to the descent XO Tasi. The hike down is long and has many hairpin turns, but there are houses of teas in the village where you can relax. Our campsite for the night is about 11 kilometers from the village along a flat road.

Day 16: (31.7 km 719hm, 5030 m, 3 hours). We reach the base camp Rongbuck, starting near the river Rong chu overlooking Mount Everest ahead. The password is bumpy and with altitude can be difficult, especially on the last section upstream, so we take it very slowly. We take lunch at Rongbuck, then continue to Everest Base Camp, another 7 km. We have to cover those last few miles on horseback, the rules changed in 2004 and no vehicles or bicycles are allowed to base camp.

Day 17: (70.5 km 426hm, 4571m, 5 hours). We climb to Tingri, crossing the Lamna La Pass. It is a pleasant walk that road is not in good enough shape to car traffic so that the bikers themselves and can enjoy the scenery. There are remote villages and meadows with yaks and sheep. We stop for lunch after about 30 km, after climbing 553m to reach an altitude of 5030m. From the pass we descend to reach a river in which there is no bridge - time to remove our shoes and wade in the cold water up to their knees. We now follow the river gently downhill to Tingri, a beautiful city with great views of Everest and Cho Oyo. overnight in the hotel.

Day 18: (70.5 km 426hm, 4570m, 5 hours). An easy day on paved, dirt roads then, but without great passes. The views along the way, villages with typical Tibetan costumes and scenery are excellent. We stop for a lunch stop at 42.5 km (185hm, 21/2 hours) near a river. Then we descend to our campsite near a river where one can swim.

Day 19: (82 km, 1200hm, 3818 m, 61/2 hours). we cross the pass and the Lalung Yakri Shong. From our camp, we go straight until the Lalung (14.4 km 447hm, 4910 m, approximately 11/2 hours), then after a short descent, we climb again to the Yakri Shong (26.4 km 705hm, 5050 m 3 hours). To offset the rises there is a spectacular view of Shishapangma (Xixabangma), right, and other major Himalayan peaks. The Yakri Shong La is the last passage of the road. Beyond there is a long descent into Nepal, probably the longest downhill road in the world. We stop for lunch after 36 km at 4534 m, where there is a tea house at the bottom of a steep downhill section. This is a good tea house with a strong mud wall that protects us, if there is a wind blowing, as there often. After lunch we continue down (but not as strongly today as before). Sounds easy, but the wind and dust can make this hard work and the section, we will be tired when we get to the hotel Xhangmu a city with opportunities for a drink and a rest. Our camp is 3 km from the city on a beautiful meadow site

Day 20: Xhangmu, it is down again for another 9 km to the Friendship Bridge. It may take some time to clear customs and is much easier if we stay together as one group. Nepalese customs here we stop for lunch at Kodari. which serves both Nepalese and western food. After lunch, you people will be driven to Kathmandu (capital of Nepal) by our vehicle office.

Day 21: Rest day in Kathmandu hotel in Kathmandu we provide.

Day 22: Departure to your destination.

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